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Faq On Trademarks

Ques: How CHAMBERS OF LAW can help me in protecting my intellectual property?

Ans: CHAMBERS OF LAW is an Indian law firm with experienced attorneys in Indian intellectual property law. We can assist you in the process of applying and obtaining registration of trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs and domain names. We are the first law firm in India to offer Trademark Search Report by simply submitting a request at our website. You may also request the same through phone, fax, e-mail or visit our office for getting the same. We, at CHAMBERS OF LAW, with years of expertise in Indian intellectual property law, would assist you in pursuing your application in a professional manner with regard to the registration of your intellectual property.

Ques: How do I find out if I need patent, trademark and/or copyright protection?

Ans: Patents protect inventions and improvements to existing inventions. Copyrights cover literary, artistic, and musical works. Trademarks are brand names and/or designs which are applied to products or used in connection with services.

Ques: I have already registered my trademark in India and I am looking to register it in foreign. What do I need to do?

Ans: We have associates all over the world that can help making your trademark registrations in other countries a smooth process. You can also file application through madrid filing. Currently there are approximately 93 countries who are signatory to Madrid Agreement. Simply send us an e-mail with the necessary details and the country’s name in which you want to get registration.

Ques: I am from a foreign country interested in registering my intellectual property in India. How can you help me?

Ans: Please e-mail us your particulars with all the relevant details at [email protected].

Ques: Do you register service marks?

Ans: Yes service marks are registerable under Trademarks Act 1999.

Ques: What is the fee schedule for the services you offer?

Ans: Please see our fees detail for details regarding the costs involved and to avail our services. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at [email protected].

Ques: What if I still have some questions?

Ans: Please visit us at www.chambersoflaw.co.in or e-mail at [email protected] with details of your query.