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Trademark searching is the process, which reveals whether your proposed mark is capable of registration or not in India. It helps in ascertaining whether or not there exists an identical or similar mark registered or pending for the identical or similar goods.

It is recommended to conduct a Trademark availability search in order to check if any similar Trademark has been filed in India, which may oppose your registration. The cost of the search is generally quite insignificant in comparison to the costs of re-branding if there is difficulty in using the Trademark because it infringes the right of others.

It is to be noted that clear Trademark search does not guarantee that the proposed mark will be registered because there are certain other factors also which affect the registration like opinion of an examiner or a third party opposition is not something which can be predicted. However the Trademark search helps us in ascertaining the major problems, which are likely to occur with an application and assist you in making a more informed decision.